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Chances are, your business has a high corporate umbrella limit to protect its business assets. But do your key personnel also have adequate limits to protect their personal assets? Time and time again, organizations find, likely not.

The line separating work and personal time is continually becoming blurred.

How likely is it that your organization could find itself  in a vicariously liable situation, such as an executive driving a personal auto for business purposes? Are your shareholders involved with non-profit organizations? Could a loss stemming from their volunteer work impact your business? What if an insured’s child posts disparaging comments about a teacher online, resulting in a lawsuit for defamation of character?

How disruptive would it be for your business if a key executive suffered a large personal liability loss? The organization may be forced to continue without their services for an extended period of time. What if the loss required a shareholder to sell his or her stock to satisfy a large unfunded liability loss?

This exposure can be increased with the perception of deep pockets.

A group personal excess liability program may be the solution for many of these issues. This program provides personal liability coverage for key personnel and legal protection in the case of an incident involving property damage, personal injury or bodily injury. With group purchasing power, this excess program is  likely less expensive than what your personnel are currently spending on individual policies.

Competition for top talent is becoming relentless across industries. A group excess program represents a value add to any benefits portfolio, providing an additional measure of organizational stability. It allows companies to retain the investment they’ve made in their human capital.

Group personal excess is the rare product that provides value to all stakeholders in an organization, and is a welcomed addition to any competitive benefits portfolio.

Allow the experts at Moores Insurance Management to design a program that responds to the realities of today, yet also has a knowing eye toward the future.

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