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Managing a new frontier of risk exposures

Similar to most organizations, large and small, you’ve probably leveraged new technologies through digitization of your company’s information and communication. But are you at risk?

Whether it’s customer records, vendor information or even employee records, most of the information companies work with is now accessible digitally. That information is transferred through email and mobile devices everyday. This instant access can come at significant risk to your company and your clients. And you’re not alone.

Technology loss related to viruses, hacking, digital defamation and intellectual property infringement is becoming commonplace for organizations of all sizes.

Target, Home Depot, Heartbleed, JPMorgan Chase; these are the data breaches that are becoming all too common. But for every Fortune 500 breach that makes headlines, there are dozens of attacks on smaller companies every single day.

With a robust market for the illegal trading and selling of personal information, companies find their digital assets exposed to loss now more than ever before.

Unfortunately many of these new risks are not covered by existing insurance policies.

What is the solution?

A select group of insurance carriers and risk management professionals have developed and are developing unique coverage forms that address these exposures.

The experts at Moores Insurance Management can help ensure your digital doors are locked. We can provide custom tailored solutions for the cyber exposures your organization faces not only today, but in the future.

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