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A fresh set of eyes offers a new perspective.

Every company hopes they have a tight, comprehensive program that’s been constructed to protect their business and its unique attributes. Given today’s business environment, you cannot afford to have a program that does anything less.

That’s where our Consultation Services step in. We will work with you to determine the strength of your current program and identify whether weaknesses exist.

Through this process:

  • Current insurance coverages are reviewed in terms of scope and adequacy.
  • If exposures to financial loss exist, they are uncovered.
  • Recommendations are made as to how coverages can be enhanced.
  • Coverages, not currently carried, but important to have are identified for review and discussion.
  • Risk management techniques, other than insurance, are examined and recommended where appropriate.
  • A written report of the findings is presented.

Our 35 years of experience in the industry has repeatedly found that no one company is the same. We specialize in finding ways to significantly enhance risk management and insurance programs by looking at a business’ unique needs and designing coverages to match. We look forward to demonstrating to you how we can make a difference.

Areas of Expertise

Risk Management and Insurance advisory
Third party reviews of existing program
Partner to your financial and legal teams
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