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Sales growth. Physical expansion. A growing online presence. Employment variables. Changes on the business front often warrant changes on the insurance front.

How nimble and responsive is your program?

Understanding your vision, goals and priorities, we construct the most cost-effective insurance and risk management programs.

Our function is threefold:

  • To identify your risks and suggest proactive strategies for addressing them.
  • To create a program that preserves hard-earned assets by preventing loss.
  • To regularly monitor and modify your program as your business needs, situations and exposures change.

Pinpointing Solutions

While an outside perspective can objectively review your insurance and risk management plan, that perspective must be qualified and informed.

Before ideas are voiced or recommendations suggested, we immerse ourselves in the workings of your business – addressing concerns as they relate to current policies. Armed with the data necessary to pinpoint solutions, we research policies from various, high quality cost-competitive insurance carriers to determine which one best represents your interests. From there, we structure a program that responds to your unique realities and has an eye toward a successful future.

From our analysis and proposal, you can conclude whether your existing plan is up to the task.

Promoting Lasting Relationships

Insurance isn’t so much a product as it is a service. Any company or agency can deliver a quote and a policy. But the right firm will commit time and dedicated attention to learning about your interests, unique needs and goals. The right firm makes sure you can focus on your business. We focus on protecting it.

Areas of Expertise

Analysis of existing program
Identification of exposures to loss
Identification of gaps in coverage
Domestic and global program design
Strategic planning and market placement
Certificate of insurance coordination
Consultation on unique coverages
Annual review/evaluation of program
Alternative risk management options
Contract review
Safety audits
Program development
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